A Few Tips When Rehabbing A House

When rehabbing a house, you will find that your mind is constantly spinning with “To Dos” and “What Ifs”.  I’m here to tell you it will all be okay.  Comps look good, rehab numbers are in the ball park, and sure maybe things are taking a little longer than expected but relax, equity is just continuing to grow. 

Now I know this is a lot easier to say when you’re not in the middle of it, BUT, I have been through the same thing and know the feelings that can arise.  

I would like to throw a few things in front of you to remember as you finish up your project to ensure you sell as quickly as possible.  So many times during the rehab you can find yourself just wanting the project done, but I would like to remind you of a few simple things to not overlook.  Items may seem small but they mean a lot to the end buyer.

Landscaping:  Companies spend billions of dollars for beautiful logos, advertising and storefronts in efforts to sell as much of their product as the market can bear.  Well, landscaping is your marketing campaign for your product and it will be the first thing buyers see.  This will also include the mailbox and driveway/walkway.  CURB APPEAL is your one chance at a first impression. Make sure everything is pressure washed and looking like a magazine ad.

Crown Molding:  I recently bought my dream truck (thank you, thank you) and while I already knew what I wanted, I found myself spending more on the upgraded version.  After I told the salesperson which model I wanted, I was shown the higher priced truck and when I opened the door, I was hooked.  The trim on the seats were so subtle and beautiful there was no way I was going back to the original truck I came for…. How could I?  I had seen the best of the best.  Treat crown molding the same.  It just adds that extra “welcome home” factor.

Paint/Outlets:  When painting, use neutral colors and have the trim a contrasting color with gloss so they are easy to wipe off.  With regards to the outlets, get some new ones and make sure they are all matching.

Fixtures:  From the lights, to door/drawer knobs, to plumbing fixtures.  Get new ones and make sure they are matching.  You want the buyer to want to turn on that faucet.  This is not very expensive to do and will be a game changer.  While I’m at it, please remember to put new light bulbs in.

Kitchens/Baths:  This is the most important feature of any house.  If you are treating your landscaping as your marketing for the property, think of the kitchen and bathrooms as your closer.  In the kitchen, it’s better to put new cabinets in instead of painting old ones. 

 The Garage:  Okay, so this may be a personal preference of mine, but I know it has never hurt me when reselling a house.  Have the garage clean and sterile of oil spots and fossils of projects gone wrong.  I love to use the epoxy coat on the garage floor.   Paint the walls and ceiling while you’re at it. Use an eggshell or light gray. Again, it could very well be my thing but it ends the showing on a great note and makes the house look shiny and clean.

Please, let me know if you have some “Must Do’s” to sell a house that you’d like to add.   I love trading ideas.

Written By:

Mike Oliver


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