Mobile Homes as an Investment?

Anytime the words mobile home are discussed in real estate, most people would probably imagine a scene from Raising Arizona.   People living in a tin can somewhere in the middle of the desert, with T.V. tray dinners, dfdand a dirt lot for a garage. Contrary to popular belief
a manufactured home can give an investor a great return annually with little amount of money down. Mobile homes in Florida range from $20,000 – $30,000 per unit.

In today’s market a single cash purchase of $25,000 can yield up to a 25% R.O.I for each unit owned. A mobile home can provide housing for our retired community, seniors who live on a fixed income, and snowbirds trying to escape the Northeast part of the U.S. Renters that live in a mobile home will have low utilities throughout the month as well as the safety of living in a gated community which most homes are located in.

People have no problem purchasing a $75,000 luxury car which will depreciate immediately as soon as you drive of the lot. With one single mobile home purchase can double your money in just   3-4 years with very little maintenance throughout the year. Finding ways to stay ahead of the market is the key to investing.

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Written By:

Clint McLaughlin


Clint is a seasoned investor as well Sales and Acquisitions agent with Altura with his focus on Apopka.  He can be reached at


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