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Deltona Flip Success Story
Abby Terrace
Deltona Florida 32725


Over the last few years, Altura Investment Realty has viewed Deltona as a prime rental market with great equity. Now, as Deltona’s home values have started to soar, more and more investors are able to make fast cash by buying these homes, fixing them up and flipping them.


Our first flip offered in Deltona was a huge success for a couple of our brand new, first time clients. Following what records indicate to be the common flip model in Deltona (buy at approximately $45 a square foot and sell for $92 a square foot after the rehab is complete), these first time flippers were able to get an offer accepted within days of putting their finished product back on the market.


A freshly rehabbed home sells fast, especially in Deltona. Combined with the lower entry point of the inexpensive Deltona homes, this is an ideal, safe, and generous market for first time flippers and seasoned pros alike. Consider a Deltona Flip property as your next investment you make with Altura Investment Realty.

Written By:
Josh Swanson


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